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We routinely work with individuals, addressing all manner of life challenges, emotional difficulties, life transitions, and adjustments. Life is rarely easy, and adapting can take time and effort. We are here to help.


Maintaining a healthy relationship can be one of the most challenging things in life. Communication, empathy, mutual understanding, and a healthy disposition for the most important person in our lives are some the hallmarks for meaningful connection. We specialize in uncovering relational hurts, discovering relational strategies for repair, healing, and restoration.


Depression. It's a word we hear so often. It seems to grip so many lives, causing us to wonder where to turn. We can navigate depression with you, helping to uncover its roots, and point toward a path of healing and freedom.


More than just behavioral modification, more than blaming, and more than just asking someone to quit…we work with the underlying causes of addiction, whatever they might be. There are reasons we turn to unhealthy means of coping. Let us help you turn life around.


Every human being hurts. Everyone has experienced pain and disappointment. When unfair and difficult things happen, working through the aftermath can sometimes feel overwhelming and undoable. Yet, this becomes the path forward, and as daunting as it may seem, we can help! Let us help break the power of the past.


Every day life has its own challenges. Family, friends, obligation, financial stressors, so many other things about our modern world feel stressful. We're here to help you work toward balance, enabling a different perspective. The way we see things can truly change and affect us in healthy and positive ways.


When to say yes, when to say no. Many of us don't understand the difference. Of course, drawing healthy boundaries means more than saying "yes" or "no". Even so, most of us weren't taught what a healthy boundary looks like. Even the term, possibly overused at times, seems difficult to understand, let alone implement in our lives. Let's talk about what healthy boundaries really mean.


Don't we all sometimes feel anxious? When anxiety feels debilitating, that's when we have cause for concern. Rather than just avoiding it, we will help you understand your anxiety, and begin to work through it. Freedom can follow!


Anger speaks for so many emotions. Anger protects us and it does a great job! Sometimes feeling anger can be easier than feeling sadness, or fear, or hurt, or confusion, or disillusionment. But anger can also cause more problems than we can address. Let us help you work through what anger means for you.


And then there's everything else. Too any things to mention in a few paragraphs, for sure. Whatever life hands us, there is a way to work through it. Let's work through it all together.

Individual and Couples Counseling - Psychiatric Medication Management
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