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Joe Corne, MA, LPC


Helping people is truly my passion and I am honored each and every time I sit with a person or a couple. As we join together to figure things out and look at life's journey with an eye toward answers and an ear listening to what is wanting to be heard differently, we often find unexpected relief and a plan forward. I have experience and success in helping individuals and couples address and overcome life stressors, and I am comfortable working with non-traditional relationships.

  • Bachelor's Degree, Psychology

  • Master's Degree, Christian Education

  • Master's Degree, Professional Counseling

  • Certification. PACT Level 1 trained couples therapist 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

My Approach


Whether you are seeking individual therapy or couples counseling, we can help!


I have a Master of Arts Degree in Christian Education, and a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling. I believe my background and personal experience with the counseling process enables me to have a unique perspective on life and relationships.


No one is free from trouble. I understand the value of different points of view and having someone to offer interaction and insight. I pour my heart and soul into helping others and care deeply about meeting people where they are and learning together how best to move forward.

My approaches / paradigms include Integrative, Existential, REBT, and CBT.  However, with those tools in my pocket, at the end of the day you'll find me helping you not only figuring out how to cope with what needs coping with, but looking inside for the answer "why."  What's the purpose... what's our purpose doing the work we are doing together? 

Looking forward to working with you, Joe

I routinely address:​​​

  • Marriage Distress

  • Affairs​

  • Separations

  • Communication

  • Divorce Recovery

  • Depression

  • Anxiety / Panic

  • Bipolar symptoms

  • Substance Abuse

  • Trauma

  • Relationship Issues

  • Adult-Child Issues

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